popswap photo guide

great pictures makes better offers

Here’s some helpful advice on how to create better pictures to improve your offers and get better swaps:
Do try get someone to take a picture of you wearing the item.
Do photograph using as much natural light as you can.
Don't take photographs with a flash or in the evening.
Do make sure that it's obvious what is being offered.
Don't use blurry images or add too many filter effects.
Do try to arrange your items in an interesting setting and add extra detail photographs separately.
Don't make photo collages. Use the additional images to show off any details
Don't photograph your item with a lot of mess around. It distracts from the item.
Do have a clean and simple background so that it's easy to see your item.
Don't cut parts of the item off.
Do make sure we can see the whole item in your main picture.
Don't have just a stark white background. It looks like your item is floating in nothing.
Don't use photographs off the internet (unless you own them of course).
Do take your own photographs.
Do use the additional pictures to show details, labels or original packaging.